Jess Chanliau is an American / French actor, movement artist and singer with a BA degree in Acting from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS).

Jess has just completed filming their first feature length movie, "Patients of a Saint" in the lead role of Stone that is due out in October 2019.

This past August Jess was at the Edinburgh Fringe festival performing over 20 different characters in the play "South Bend". They then toured the play throughout Scotland during the month of September.

Born in the United States, Jess moved to Paris and attended French collège and lycée. While in Paris they also attended classes at the Cours Florent.  

Jess returned to the U.S. for their final year of high school in California to attend the performing arts program at the Marin School of the Arts in Novato.

Following graduation, they attended the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts in Santa Maria and then went on to attend RCS. 

While attending the RCS, Jess spent a semester studying and performing at the Conservatoire National Supérieur d'Art Dramatique in Paris.

In addition to honing their acting skills, Jess has deepened their love of movement through the techniques of Lecoq, Viewpoints, Laban, Grotowski, Feldenkrais, Yoga and Acrobatics.

In the UK Jess is represented by Burnett Crowther Ltd - Lizanne Crowther :  +44 20 7437 8008
Jess is seeking representation and opportunities for work in the USA and France.